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ANTI-SENSE: Normal cell functions are controlled by genes which do things normally (making sense, working as expected). Sometimes a "black sheep" gene causes a cell to produce proteins that allow cells to become cancerous. That gene is not making sense. The theory behind this type of gene therapy is to give some substance (anti-sense), which is specific to counteract that gene's bad sense. In other words, it alters the messages from genes within the cells and restricts the production of cancer cell growth-causing proteins. Antisense therapy is thought to be less toxic, at any dose, to the rest of the body. Some widely publicized trials of antisense drugs in ovarian cancer are underway by Isis Pharmaceuticals: Isis 3521, Isis 2503 and Isis 5132 which seems to have additive properties to chemotherapy. Contact Isis via phone (800-723-5737) or web site [].

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Updated: Wednesday, August 08, 2007 01:20:02 AM

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